Cultivated Mushrooms

Pleurotus eryngii; Lentinula edodes; Agrocybe aegerita

Shiitake: march - october; King Oyster Mushroom and Poplar Mushroom: all year round

Mushrooms are often associated with spontaneous growth (there is an Italian saying “spuntare come funghi”, meaning “popping up like mushrooms”). In reality, using technological advances and a great deal of care, these delicious morsels can be grown as needed – providing consumers with guaranteed safety and quality.

We use three main types of cultivated mushrooms: King Oyster, Shiitake and Poplar mushrooms. Thanks to the technology used, we are able to guarantee their availability all year round.

King Oyster mushrooms are dark-coloured mushrooms with a fleshy, firm texture. Their main characteristic is the texture, which does not change after cooking. They have a well-balanced flavour which subtly enhances dishes with an unmistakable aroma, which could never be described as aggressive or persistent.

Shiitake mushrooms are considered a superfood thanks to their sensory characteristics. They are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fibre, lipids and vitamin D. This is one reason why they are the world’s most famous mushroom used for cooking. The cap is initially brown and becomes lighter over time; the spores are white and the edges of the gills are serrated. The stipe has a rather woody texture and is usually discarded before cooking. We only sell dried Shiitake mushrooms due to their limited availability.

Poplar mushrooms have a distinctive appearance: they are thin and their flesh is rather calloused. These very tasty mushrooms give every recipe a bold, rich flavour. Unlike other types of mushroom that need to be consumed immediately, Poplar mushrooms last longer: they last for over 48 hours in the fridge without losing their freshness and texture.

Availability all year around

King Oyster, Shiitake and Poplar mushroom

Tasty and versatile mushrooms