Horn of Plenty

Craterellus cornucopiooides

september - december

Horn of Plenty mushrooms (Craterellus cornucopioides) are an excellent delicacy, harvested from the end of summer through to the end of autumn.

These black mushrooms have a completely hollow cap that extends from the stipe and the hymenium is ridged. They are very fragile with a bittersweet flavour.

Horn of Plenty mushrooms often grow in large numbers in a small patch of soil. They need very damp, rich forest soil (either broad-leaved or coniferous forests).

They can be bought fresh, frozen or dried. Dried Horn of Plenty mushrooms can be powdered and then added to dough to create highly flavoursome black pasta.

Ideal for eating cooked.

Tasty black mushrooms

Dried and powdered to create tasty dough

With a completely hollow cup