St. George’s Mushroom

Calocybe gambosa

april - may

St. George’s Mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa) are an excellent spring delicacy which grow both in low-lying and mountainous areas. They grow between March/April and the start of summer. They are usually sold fresh, but you can also find them frozen.

St. George’s Mushrooms are widely consumed in the Italian Apennines, but they are commonly found in other parts of Europe, particularly in Spain. They grow near to a variety of plants and bushes, and often form “fairy rings” or long lines of mushrooms.

St. George’s Mushrooms are saprotrophic mushrooms, which mean they feed on dead and decaying organic matter. They are creamy white in colour with a meaty cap, and the hymenium features gills that are partially attached to the stipe. The stipe is not long and rather stubby, with extremely firm, compact flesh, and a characteristic mealy aroma and flavour.

Ideal for eating cooked.

Consumed in Italian Apennines

Firm and compact flesh

Mealy aroma and flavour