True Morel

Morchella SPP.

april - may

True Morels (Morchella esculenta, rotunda, deliciosa, conica) can be found in several Italian regions as well as in other parts of Europe (France is the largest consumer of Morels).

These mushrooms can be enjoyed after gently cooking them for a long time, ensuring that all of the water released during cooking has evaporated. This is because Morels naturally contain some toxins which are destroyed through cooking. They are sold fresh, frozen and dried.

True Morels are symbiotic mushrooms which only grow in spring in predominantly sandy, very damp soils.

They have a distinctive spherical or oval cap with an irregular honeycomb appearance. The dark yellow or golden hymenium is found within the honeycomb structures. They have a short, hollow, yellowy-white stipe. The most notable feature of this mushroom is that the cap cannot be separated from the stipe.

Eat only after cooking for a long time

They grow only in spring

The stipe is not separable from the cap

This mushrooms prefer sandy and very damp soils