Yellow Foot

Cantharellus lutescens

november - january

Yellow Foot mushrooms (Cantharellus lutescens) are harvested and sold in some Italian regions. They tend to grow in coniferous forests, near the seashore or in the mountains. They grow between the end of summer and winter.

Yellow Foot mushrooms are very small and delicate, and are delicious when fried and served as a side dish, with pasta, rice or polenta, or when served with other fresh mushrooms. They are generally sold fresh.

They have a funnel-shaped cap, the hymenium has gill-like veins and the stipe is slender. The yellowy-orange flesh is fairly fibrous.

Ideal for eating cooked.

They grow between the end of summer and winter

Very small and delicate mushroom

Excellent as a side dish or in a mix of fresh mushrooms