Ragù and Pasta Sauces

You will only find the highest-quality, carefully chosen ingredients in our ready-to-use ragù and pasta sauces. Just open a jar and enjoy the rich aroma of pasta sauce, just like Nonna would make. Naturally free from gluten, additives and added sugars, our products are sure to please even the most demanding of palates.

Our “Traditional Recipe” Bolognese ragù is one of our star products – this recipe is famous around the world and an essential part of any Italian home.

Our Bolognese follows the traditional recipe passed on for generations, combining pork and beef and cooked for many hours.
Its unique flavour will transport you to a traditional kitchen in Emilia-Romagna.

As well as the quality of their ingredients and ease of use, our range of pasta sauces are sure to impress you with their delicious flavours. And the wide range on offer means there is something for everyone.

Free from gluten, additives and added sugars

Tasty and practical to prepare your dishes

High-quality ingredients