Spreads and Specialties

Aperitivi, pasta and rice dishes, accompaniments for meat and cheese, delicious side dishes or as a base when cooking. Our Spreads and Specialties all guarantee high-quality raw ingredients, carefully produced by local Italian suppliers.

Our Spreads are packed full of unique characteristics and are incredibly versatile, all in a 90 g jar. You can use them as they are, spread on crostini as a delicious hors d’oeuvre, or add them to vegetable stock, water or milk to make a tasty sauce for serving with meat or pasta. They are produced from high-quality ingredients, which ensures they are a truly excellent product.

Our Specialties include simple, traditional recipes, created based on advice from those who have spent years preparing these dishes with love for their own families. They include Montanaro Cooked Pesto and Red Onion Compote, which can be paired with boiled meat and cheeses.

Spreads and Specialties for seasoning your dishes

Simple and traditional recipes

High quality ingredients