Only the best traditional artisan Italian liqueurs, carefully selected to suit all tastes. Digestifs, aperitifs, as an end to your meal or for savouring afterwards, our range of liqueurs is sure to include the right choice for you.

Liqueurs made from the best ingredients in Italy, following traditional recipes. Enjoy them served warm or cold. And if drinking them is not enough, they are also great for making delicious desserts.

Over the years, Zabajone has proved itself to be one of the most popular residents of our drinks cabinet. This essential liqueur has a sweet, pleasant flavour and is versatile enough to be used at any time of day. Sitting next to it, you’ll find Nocino – this typical liqueur from Emilia-Romagna is produced around Modena. Like all the other products in this range, it is sure to please with its delicious flavour and versatility.

Delicious at the end of the meal or for meditation

Zabajone, Nocino and many others

Pure, warm or cold