Black Autumn Truffle

Tuber uncinatum

september - december

Black Autumn Truffles have a distinctive appearance with a warty outer skin. They are very similar to Black Summer Truffles, so much so that they are actually classified as an autumnal variety of this truffle, but with an aroma that is decidedly more intense.

Black Autumn Truffles are common in France and Italy, where they are most widespread in the central regions. Although Black Autumn Truffles ripen between September and December, it is not unknown to find them in January and February.

These are relatively large truffles – they can vary between the size of an egg and that of an orange, sometimes growing to more than 10 cm in diameter. Their aroma and flavour are reminiscent of hazelnuts. They are used in Italian cooking to accompany pasta, rice and meat dishes, according to local culinary traditions, and they can be served finely sliced or chopped.

The peridium is black with characteristic flattened pyramidal cusps. The gleba starts off creamy white, then turns hazel and then dark brown as the truffle ripens, with white veins of varying thickness.

Large truffles

Perfect with traditional first and main courses

Intense hazelnut flavour and aroma