Black Summer Truffle

Tuber aestivum Vitt.

may - october

Also known as Scorzone truffles in Italian because of their thick outer “bark” which distinguishes them from other fresh truffles, Black Summer Truffles are available for much of the year: they become fully ripe in the summer months, but they are fairly easy to find at other times of year.

These are the most common fresh truffles, growing in a wide range of habitats and soils, especially in Northern and Central Italy.

Black Summer Truffles are easy to find and available in large quantities, but they should not be undervalued because of this. They can be readily preserved and have a wide range of uses in the kitchen, elevating every dish thanks to their delicate aroma and flavour. Black Summer Truffles are particularly suited for use in pasta dishes, or paired with meats and crostini.

The peridium or outer skin is usually somewhere between very dark brown and deep black, with pyramidal cusps. The flesh or gleba starts off creamy white and develops into a hazel colour. The white veins are of varying thickness.

The most common fresh truffle

Suitable for pasta dishes, meat and croutons

Delicate aroma and flavour