Brumale Truffle

Tuber brumale var. moschatum De Ferry

november - march

Brumale Truffle, also known as Muscat Truffle, is among Italy’s least well-known varieties. It is similar to the fine black truffle but considered of inferior quality. The intense flavour makes it perfect for lovers of bold flavours.

Its scientific name comes from the lingering musky notes, reminiscent of the forest. It has an aromatic, slightly spicy flavour. Ideal for eating raw with pasta, rice and meat dishes, it can also be cooked without losing any of its characteristic spicy flavour.

The musk truffle is characterised by a very dark peridium, finely warted, similar to a black winter truffle. The gleba is smoke grey to brown-black according to its maturation period, with sparse coarse white veining.

Ideal for lovers of bold flavours

Perfect for serving with antipasti or as a filling for fresh pasta

Intense aroma and mildly spicy, aromatic flavour