Prized Black Truffle

Tuber melanosporum

november - march

The most highly prized and best-known of the black truffles. Premium Black Truffle is also known as Black Périgord Truffle in English and Tartufo di Norcia in Italian. In reality, it is not an exclusive product of France’s Périgord or Italy’s Norcia (Umbria) – in Italy, Premium Black Truffles grow all along the country’s “spine” of the Apennines. Its exceptional sensory characteristics mean it can be used in a wide range of dishes.

Available from November to March, Premium Black Truffles grow in Italy, France and Spain, but they can also be found in a few other places, including: Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

In Italy, they are particularly prevalent in the regions of Umbria, Abruzzo, Marche and Lazio. Their flavour is well-balanced, with a sweet, pleasant aroma, reminiscent of melting chocolate and, at times, brandy. One of the most versatile truffles, they can be eaten raw, but the flavour is enhanced when heated gently.

The peridium is brownish-black with small pyramidal cusps. The gleba is also dark in colour, with purplish or reddish tones, and whitish veins of varying thickness which turn reddish when exposed to air and black when cooked. They can vary in size and weight from just a few grams to up to 500 g.

The most versatile truffle

Balanced flavour and sweet aroma

Available from November to March