Smooth Black Truffle

Tuber macrosporum Vitt.

september - december

Tuber Macrosporum Vittadini, commonly known as Smooth Black Truffle, is still a relatively unknown variety. Although considered a lesser variety, in reality it possesses unique sensory and aromatic properties. Similar in flavour and aroma to Premium White Truffle, it is beginning to be recognised as an excellent regional product, shifting from gracing humble dishes to the finest gastronomic specialities.

It grows in the same favourable weather conditions as the most famous Premium White Truffle, and it also often grows in the same areas, although it is significantly less resilient to drought.

It has a spicy, mildly garlicky aroma and a very pleasant flavour which is vaguely reminiscent of Premium White Truffle. Where Smooth Black Truffle differs is that its flavour and aroma are more persistent and more potent.

The macrosporum truffle stands out for its smooth skin, red-brown or tending towards black in colour, occasionally with rust-coloured spots, with flattened polygon-shaped warts that protrude very slightly from the surface. The brown-whitish gleba, which can turn rusty brown, has a large number of relatively wide veins.

Similar to Premium White Truffle

Suitable for eating raw or cooked

Spicy, mildly garlicky aroma