White Truffle

Tuber magnatum Pico

september - january

The White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) is the truffle par excellence, the most sought-after of all edible truffles. Known all over the world, it is undoubtedly the king of the kitchen and the pride of our region, found around our home town of Savigno, in Valsamoggia.
Tartufo Bianco

White Truffles can be found in the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Marche and Molise. They also grow to a lesser extent in Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo.

The unmistakable aroma of White Truffle is pungent but pleasant, with a hint of garlic. It is best enjoyed raw, cut into thin slices using a truffle slicer to complete a dish.

The peridium is smooth and golden or olive yellow in colour, sometimes with reddish-brown patches. The gleba is greyish white in colour in mature specimens, with shades ranging from golden to hazelnut, with very fine white veins. Sometimes the gleba includes pale pink patches – this is due to the presence of particular enzymes in the soil and has no negative impact on the quality of the product.

The most sought-after truffle

Pungent but pleasant aroma

Excellent when eaten raw