Appennino Food Group doesn’t just sell a product,
we educate the world about truffles

Luigi Dattilo

From a great
to a great

When you listen to Luigi Dattilo, the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the story of Appennino Food Group sounds like a fairy tale. A boy with immeasurable passion for animals and nature who, at the age of 17, refused his father’s gift of a car, instead asking him for a truffle dog. Self-taught, studying diligently, he quickly found his first white truffle.

His business suddenly took off, thanks in part to a lesson taught by his family: the importance of sharing. So Appennino Food Group doesn’t just sell truffles, but shares the love of this world with his customers, telling them a story.

Truffles, alongside mushrooms, remain at the heart of Appennino Food Group, but the company also offers customers a range of Italian specialties (and some from further afield), produced with craftsmanlike care from high-quality ingredients.

This is a tale of love and determination which, from that very first truffle through to today, has led to Appennino Food Group becoming a joint-stock company in the truffle world, as well as one of the largest and best-qualified companies in this sector, remaining true to its core values.

Love of nature,
curiosity for innovation,
passion and respect
for the raw ingredients.

Over the years, the company’s impressive growth has revealed a need to create a strong, recognisable brand identity, both in terms of the company’s values and having a corporate image. This led to a plan to standardise the company’s various product lines.

Creating a recognisable brand identity for every location and every product has become a priority for communicating the essence of Appennino Food Group.


Luigi Dattilo buys his first truffle dog, a pointer named Geo. His passion for truffles develops quickly and his products are in great demand, from both individuals and restaurants, thanks to word of mouth.
Business grows and, in view of the large number of orders, Luigi opens his first warehouse in Borgonuovo di Sasso Marconi for storing and processing truffles.
Angelo Dattilo, Luigi’s brother, joins the company.
The company moves to Monteveglio, in Valsamoggia, opening a 350 m2 warehouse, almost doubling in size in just a few years.
AF grows by starting to produce preserved products under the “La Dispensa di Amerigo” brand, later becoming part of the company.
Our office in the United States opens.
The company relocates to its current headquarters in Savigno.
A branch in Singapore opens.
Our Web Shop opens to sell products directly to consumers.
A subsidiary operating in Miami opens and the company purchases the vinegar producer Compagnia del Montale, based in Sassuolo. This manufacturer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena was founded in 1984.
Expansion of the Miami branch office

Love of the

Love of the land is another distinctive feature of Appennino Food Group.

Despite its enormous growth, the company decided to base itself in Valsamoggia, an area that has always been synonymous with white truffles and a strategic site of unparalleled beauty.

This link to the land is reflected in our name: the Apennines go from north to south, passing through almost all of Italy and offer uncountable riches in terms of food and culture, which Appennino Food Group has always sought to promote.

Appennino Food Group’s vocation is to bring this land to the global stage. By selling highly prized truffles all around the world, the company is not just exporting a product, but an entire culture, built on respect for raw ingredients and the places where they grow, on tradition and on cutting-edge technology.

Investing in research
to preserve traditions

We should never stop searching for new solutions to improve
our processing technology, even when, as at Appennino Food Group,
we have already achieved excellent quality standards.

Angelo Dattilo

Angelo Dattilo, partner and director of Appennino Food Group, with a natural predisposition towards precision and organisation, manages the Production Department of the company, besides being the in-house mycologist.

The use of cutting-edge technology to process fresh products without affecting the flavour and aroma is a core element of Appennino Food Group’s philosophy.

The company has always worked on processing extremely delicate ingredients without spoiling their organoleptic properties, so that everyone can enjoy a high-quality preserved product.

This is why Appennino Food Group has always invested in research and staff training, and today they boast an excellent manufacturing facility with the highest quality standards.

Ahead of all the other companies in the sector, in 2015 Appennino Food Group acquired pioneering machinery that cooks at very low temperatures. This technology enabled the company to develop a production method that preserved all of the organoleptic properties of the raw ingredients.

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