Clarified butter with truffle (lactose-free)

Our Clarified Butter with Truffle is produced by removing the water and milk proteins from the butter. This not only makes it more suitable for use in cooking but, as it is lactose-free, also makes it easier to digest and suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. And unlike standard butter, it does not need to be stored in the fridge.

from 12,95  VAT included


Freeze-dried black truffle slices

28,50  VAT included

Black summer truffle spread

from 22,40  VAT included

Artichoke and prized black truffle spread

10,60  VAT included

Gianduia chocolate and black summer truffle

10,20  VAT included


New potatoes au gratin

The delicate flavour of new potatoes is enhanced by the deep flavours of Clarified Butter with Truffle.

Chicken breast with broccoli

A delicate but highly effective dish, beautifully garnished with Black Truffle Slices in Olive Oil.

Gourmet pizza

The sweet, aromatic notes of Truffle Acacia Honey add flavour and elegance to one of Italian cuisine’s most beloved dishes.

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