New potatoes au gratin

The delicate flavour of new potatoes is enhanced by the deep flavours of Clarified Butter with Truffle.

Gourmet pizza

The sweet, aromatic notes of Truffle Acacia Honey add flavour and elegance to one of Italian cuisine’s most beloved dishes.

Crispy nests and poached egg

To warm you up on a cold winter’s day, enjoy this tasty, colourful dish, enriched with the aroma of Black Summer Truffle.

Potato gnocchi with asparagus

Fontal Cheese Spread with Black Summer Truffle elevates even the simplest plate of gnocchi into a gourmet experience.

Risotto with pumpkin

Parmigiano Reggiano Spread with White Truffle pairs perfectly with the sweet flavours of the juice and the rich aroma of rosemary.


Scallops with truffle butter

Scallops fried in Clarified Butter with Black Summer Truffle take on an intense aroma which enhances their delicious flavour.